Vonnies Pizza

A Little About Us

Yvonne "Vonnie" Stapleton was born in Miami to Joseph Aguilar, a pipefitter (he retired from Cyprus), and Ramona Aguilar, a housewife who did childcare for 20 years. Yvonne has two brothers Eddie and JP as well as two sisters Kim and Rhonda, who all live out of town now. Living in Davis Canyon, Yvonne walked to Inspiration and Bullion Plaza schools. She was closer in age to Eddie and JP so she would play baseball and kickball with the boys. She liked fishing, camping and pizza. They moved, and Yvonne played softball for Globe High, remaining a secret Vandal at heart. Her best friend is Djuna "Dejae" Ramos (Dejae Walling). She and Dejae could tell each other anything. In 1985 Dejae introduced Yvonne to her future husband Joe Stapleton. Yvonne and Joe hit it off right away; they have a lot of fun and still do.

Joe was born to Frank and Eva Stapleton in Miami. Frank had come with the CC camp. He became a surveyor and later ran the power plant for ASARCO driving back-and-forth from Miami in his pick-up. Eva was a nurse's aide at Gila General Hospital in Globe. They had nine children: Ray Hogan, Marilyn Bray, Jeanette Hogan, and Tommy Hogan. Next came the five Stapleton kids Johnny, Steve, Joe, Fran and David. The boys always love sports, especially baseball. Joe coached from 15 to 50!! Out of high school he cooked at Hobo Joe's before going underground at the Magma mine. He was a night foreman at Inspiration before going to the concrete crew at San Manuel. That's when he met Yvonne. He was divorced with three children Adam 9, Joshua 7, and Tiffany 3. The kids learned to accept Yvonne with the help of the fishing and camping trips they would take together. When Joe and Yvonne had babies Jon David and Timothy their older siblings loved them.

Today the kids Adam, Joshua, Tifany (Tinnin), and JonDavid all live out of town. The youngest Timothy is a nurse at CVCMC. When San Manuel closed in 2003 Joe worked out small mines before getting on at Cyprus tank house, then the smelter. Yvonne worked for a big retailer, taking a couple of years to work for her brother JP at triple J's pizza near the liquor stable. When he closed the Stapleton kids inherited a roller, the other pizza equipment and sometimes they would make pizza at home. Joe was always public minded serving as a volunteer fireman for Tri-City fire department. Joe had hurt his wrist badly at work and had been lucky to keep his hand. He would have 19 more surgeries always going back to work at something light. Finally the big boss said if he's not 100% we don't want him back. So Joe was out of a job. Yvonne was having her own trouble. Her employer offered her a big pay drop when she came back from surgery. Joe's mother said you should go into your own business. Whenever they took pizza to benefit someone would say you should open a pizza business. Why not, they thought?? They were tired of working for somebody else. Vonnie's pizza required a big loan from the bank and lots of help from friends and family to this day. Remodeling and old check cashing place was an easy delay time and removed four tons of gravel from the bulletproof cashier walls.

But Vonnie's pizza was popular from the start; good product says Joe. About 80% of their customers are regular but highway travelers drop in as well. The remodel location is 200 yards east of Walmart by the rail road tracks. They're open Monday through Friday from 11 until 7. The Stapleton's have added a second oven to keep up and tinted the storefront window to keep from baking themselves. They invented a super giant King Crust as a joke and it was so popular they made the Big Dawg Pizza so huge it barely fits in the oven. They're glad they went into the pizza business. Yvonne says she enjoys making the pizzas and seeing everybody that comes in. Joe wants to talk to everybody and he says business is profitable and improving. But it is still an adventure since a mine would cripple a small business. Also it's a lot of work. Joe and Yvonne are stressed during rush hours but not by each other.

Vonnie and Joe Being silly!